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Ringke®Leather ID / Card Holder, 3M Adhesive Stick On Mini Wallet Attachment for Phone Devices


Stylish and Functional
Ringke Premium Card Holder is the perfect companion for your device to carry only the bare necessities in style.
You'll be able to just grab your phone and go without worrying about leaving your ID and credit cards behind.
It comes in a stylish and chic package that does not deter from the natural clean look of your device.
Card holder reduces bulk by allowing you to carry less and has been designed to be easy to use with its practical card slots.

Handmade from genuine leather from Korea enhances its premium look and feel.
It is soft to the touch to ensure comfortable handling of the device.
Durable and long-lasting due to the high quality leathers used to craft the product.
Card holder features clean lines and uniformed stitching that accentuate the premium qualities of the card holder.

Ringke Premium Card holder is able to hold up to 2 cards for comfortable usage.
Ability to carry ID and credit cards without the added bulk of a wallet.
Perfect for the gym, quick trip to the store, clubs, concerts, and other places where bringing a wallet or purse would be inconvenient.

Rest assure, the cards are safe from demagnetizing and secured inside by the precise fitting interior with the side clasp for added protection.

InstallationClean the surface of the device to remove oil and dirt so the adhesive securely sticks directly to the device.
Position the card holder in the ideal location and double check it will fit properly on the device.
Once confirmed, remove the backing and align the adhesive side of the card holder to the ideal location. Press firmly.
Now you're ready to just grab and go!

Please refrain from overloading as it may damage the product.
This product is sold exclusively by Ringke Official Store. Only buy from Ringke Official Store for genuine products and excellent customer service.

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