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Invisible Defender Screen Protector Installation Guide

:04 Package includes: 3 Films, Smoothing Card, Fiber Cloth, Dust Removal Stickers
:07 Align film to help guide placement
:10 Films are .5mm from the edge to help with installation and prevent lifting
:17 Use fiber cloth to clean screen from smudges
:21 Use dust removal sticker to remove ALL dust and other particles
:31 Remove Red tab #2
:35 Remove Black tab #1 (adhesive side) halfway
:40 Apply adhesive side to match the cutouts with the camera and headphone
:45 Peel off remainder of Tab #1
:48 Use smooth card to remove bubbles and fiber cloth to clean screen

Galaxy S6 Edge Full Coverage Screen Protector Installation Guide

Ringke Fusion Front & Back Protective Film Removal Guide

iPhone 6 Ringke Fusion Frame Installation Guide

Ringbo Screen Protector Installation

Installing a screen protector can be difficult for first time users. It is possible for anybody to install our screen protector correctly with proper alignment and without air bubbles. Our goal is to help guide you to achieve a perfect installation as the installation process is very important. Video, text, and troubleshooting guides are available here to help guide you during the installation process. Also feel free to give us a call at 972-423-1482 for further assistance. We are more than happy to help you in any way that we can.

1. Location, Location, Location! Pre-alignment of the screen protector is a critical step in reaching a successful installation. Before you remove any of the protective layers off from the Ringbo please make sure to align the screen protector to your device to ensure that a perfect fit will be achieved.

2. Air bubbles are normal to have during the installation process. However bubbles that form due to dust particles never disappear so these next few steps are very important to follow. Make sure you remove any type of case used to protect your device. Wipe off any dust or hair particles with a microfiber cloth. We recommend installing the screen protector in an open space. This limits the possibility of someone bumping into you, dust particles, and other issues that may arise during the installation process. Feel free to use a can of compressed air to help clear your screen of any particles.

3. On the screen protector, locate the Red Tab labeled #2. Peel this all the way off. This is the front of the screen protector.

4. Carefully flip the screen protector over and locate the Black tab Labeled #1. This side is essentially the sticky side and is the side that will lay flat on your device. Peel back the layer about halfway or about an inch down.

5. Take the exposed section of the screen protector and align it with the edges of your screen. Make sure the screen protector has been placed straight and place your two fingers near the edges. Do not be alarmed if some air bubbles appear, this is normal. We will address the removal of the air bubbles in the next few steps.

6. After you have ensured the edges line up then slowly remove the rest of protective layer labeled #2 as you lay the screen protector down onto the device. Smooth out the screen protector as you are removing the protective layer. If any air bubble should appear simply use the squeegee card provide to push the bubbles out. It is normal for some bubble to stay and they will work themselves out through normal usage.

7. Please see Troubleshooting Tips if further issues arise.

Check out our installation video for further assistance!

Ringbo Screen Protector Troubleshooting Tips

Air Bubbles

1. Air bubbles may appear and this is 100% normal after a screen protector installation. With the use of the squeegee card that we have provided, or a credit/ I.D. card, you can use it to gradually push the air bubbles out from under the screen protector. Please do this in a slow and gentle manner in order not to damage the product.

Dust: Use these simple steps to remove any dust particle that may have gotten under your screen.

1. With the use of some Scotch Tape, place the tape on the corner of the installed screen protector and steadily lift up the screen protector from the device. Unless needed, do not remove the entire screen protector. Just lift the screen protector just enough so that the dust is exposed.

2. Using a second piece of Scotch Tape, lightly touch the tape to the piece of expose dust. This will work no matter where the dust is located. The screen itself or even on the inside of the screen protector.

3. After the exposed dust has been removed, then smooth the screen protector back onto your device. Use the provided squeegee if needed to smooth out any air bubbles that may appear.

Installation Location:

1. We advise you to apply the screen protector in a setting with minimal air flow. This will help prevent dust particles from landing on your clean screen.

2. Also try installing the screen protector in your bathroom. Run either the facet on hot water or run a hot shower to produce steam in the bathroom. This sounds funny but we promise there is method to this madness! The steam produced by the hot water will actually help weigh down any dust particles present and prevent them from floating around in the air.

Crooked or off center Installation:

1. Dont worry if the screen protector seems crooked or off center after the installation. This can be easily corrected. With the use of some scotch tape place the tape on the corner of the newly installed screen protector and gradually lift up to remove the screen protector.

2. Carefully readjust and re-install the screen protector as you wish.

Has this happen to you?

The Outer Red or Black Label Fails to Stay on the Outer Protective Layer

*The following instructions will guide you when the Red or Black label fails to stay on the protective layer and completely comes off by itself.

1. When the sticker fails to stick to the protective do worry this can easily be fixed with some handy dandy Scotch Tape. Take a small piece and attach it to the CORNER of the screen protector. Make sure that it is tight and securely on the corner of the screen protector for the best results.

2. Now slowly peel the outer protective layer back and you may resume the installation process normally.

How to Remove Outer Layers when the Sticker Fails!

Ringke Steel Case and Bumper Installation Guide

*The tips below can be used for the both the Ringke Steel Case and the Ringke Steel Bumper.*

1. Make sure to wrap the silicone piece around your device and that it hugs it firmly around the edges. Make sure that the power, volume and other buttons align correctly. 2. Once you have checked to make sure everything is correctly aligned then you are now ready to install the steel bumper pieces. Take the top piece and of the steel frame and slide it around the upper edge of your device. Again make sure that everything aligns correctly.

3. Next take the lower part of the steel frame and insert on side the hook into the groove from the top steel frame. Continue to install the bottom piece around until you are able to attach the second hook on the other side. Once you have reached the other side you should be able to ensure that both pieces have snapped in place in their respective grooves. Again make sure that the power, volume, and any other buttons are still perfectly aligned.

4. Next use the provided squeegee to smooth out the position of the silicone part if there are any issues.

5. When removing the case, flip the case upside down. While upside down insert the squeegee into the groove of the steel frame near the charging dock to pop the lower portion of the steel frame off. Then proceed to take the top frame off along with the silicone part.

Ringke Steel Case and Steel Bumper Installation Guide

Installing and Removing the Ringke SLIM Galaxy Nexus Case

Installing and Removing the RINGKE SLIM CASE

Ringke Delight & Slim Case Removal

Removing a Delight case can be tough. The Slim cases, also. Some people go so far as to even accidentally scratching their devices from trying! 

Worried? Don't be! We have the perfect method to assist in the removal of your case. This method will work for both the Slim and the Delight cases; and make taking out your device a breeze.

Follow this video to find out how easy it is. 

Ringke iPhone 6 SLIM Case Removal

Galaxy S4 Fusion i9500 Case Fitting Issue Fix

Nexus 5 Fusion Headphone Jack Fitting

Are you having an issue with the headphone jack for your Nexus 5 case?
No problem! We're definitely here to help you.

We get customers who always wonder the different types of headphone jack brands that are compatible with our product. For that, we have put together a small video to help show you how flexible how product is, and to assist in your headphone-plugging needs!

Push Flex Method iPhone 5/5S

Sometimes, the cases received end up being a little loose fitting. 

Here is a simple method that may assist you in helping flex the case back into a more better fit for your device!

Click on the following file attached.

PushFlex iPhone 5.pdf

Do It Yourself (DIY) Templates

Many of our customers are excited about using our Ringke Fusion case and love the DIY feature that it offers. Base on popular request below are downloadable DIY Template for most of our Ringke Fusion cases.



iPhone 5S / 5

iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

Nexus 4 / Nexus 5 / Nexus 6

Galaxy S4 / Galaxy S5 /Galaxy S5 mini

Galaxy A3 / Galaxy A5

Galaxy Note 4


OnePlus One

Blackberry Passport

Xperia Z1 Compact / Z3 / Z3 Compact


We will continue to update when new devices are release for the Ringke Fusion line.